Indulge in Ordinary Moments

Photo by Jake Ireland

Coffee tastes especially good this morning. I’m huddled next to a cold window, listening to raindrop after raindrop drench the pavement. It sounds like home.

That’s because I am in my hometown. It’s cold and wet and gray in Michigan— and yet, it’s calming.

Maybe it’s because rain has a way of slowing everything down. It stalls our plans, breaks our routine and keeps us inside. Rain serves as a subtle reminder to indulge in ordinary moments.

My weekend was full of ordinary moments. Of sitting by the fire. Of staring blankly out my window. Of curling up in bed. Moments I rarely make time for because I’m too busy or too wired.

We’ll always be too much of something to make time for doing ‘nothing.’ But it’s those ordinary moments that remind us to reflect, to dream and to be grateful. It’s those moments that push us to be honest with ourselves. To be kind to ourselves. To be proud of ourselves.

Create time for ordinary moments this week. Even if the rain stops…


LakeMichigan_Window2 -




Sweater: H&M // Stockings: Barney’s

Photos by Alexa Gores, Jake Ireland + myself