Get out the Balloons— Lauren’s Lyst is One!

This site is one year old today. Naturally, I decided to have a photoshoot with confetti and balloons and sparkly party shoes. #partyofone.

Thank you. Thank you for reading. Thank you for staying. Thank you for sharing. You’ve helped me create my happy place.

Lauren’s Lyst used to look very different, and I initially had no plans of expanding it. I just wanted to write— about my highs as a newlywed and my lows as a quarter-life crisis victim [insert breakdowns here]. Your support made me fall more and more in love with this site. I later found myself spilling stories on travel, style and celebrations. I love sharing my journey with you, and I hope my posts encourage you to live a life worth swooning over.

Let me know what you’d like to see more of. We’re learning together, laughing together and sipping champagne together.

Seriously, pour yourself a glass of bubbly. Because I brought the confetti. xx





DRESS: Alaia (Looks for LESS here & here) //SHOES: Charlotte Olympia (Kate Spade has similar looks right now).

Photos by Annie Shak. Hair and Makeup by Bryce Scarlett & Quinn Murphy (The Wall Group) 

  • Nikita

    Stunning pictures! (you look stunning as well but that goes without saying.)
    And congrats on turning one, you deserve to celebrate! I love reading you, although I don’t comment often ’cause I tend to be quite lazy but… yeah, keep doing what you do 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the continued support, Nikita! I appreciate your enthusiasm and kind words.

  • Congrats! I’m so glad you love maintaining your blog because I love reading it! You inspired me to create my own space to document my life. Thanks for being so inspiring, Lauren!

    • You’re too sweet, Lindsay. Thank you! I’m thrilled you’ve started your own space to document life. It’s really fun, and you’ll never regret it 😉 Thanks for continuing to follow along.