Get More Z’s | How I’m Sleeping Better

I think every mom can agree sleep is never the same once you have a child. It’s not because mine is up all night (thank goodness), but it’s more the worrying that keeps me up. My mom used to warn me of this, and I thought she was crazy. But now… well, now I get it. I think about everything from his potty schedule to what he had to eat that day to… AM I RAISING A NICE, KIND, AMBITIOUS human?! Ya know, juuuuuust the basics.

So, when I took the Bed Bath and Beyond sleep study, I wan’t totally shocked to learn that I’m considered an “Over Thinker” when it comes to my sleep style. Other styles include the Furnace, the Popsicle, and the Sore Spot. The silver lining here is that BB&B pairs you with products to help you achieve your best chances at sleeping better, depending on your style.

For me personally, a few of the products intended to help me include:

Weighted Blanket | the weight of the blanket is intended to help calm any stresses and make you feel safe (note: it is indeed heavy, so I prefer this for the fall + winter)

CBD-Infused Pillow | I’m only sad that I didn’t discover this sooner. The effect is super subtle, but I seem to fall asleep more comfortably and wake up feeling better rested versus groggy.

Organic Cotton Sheet Set | This organic set is overall good for our health, since we spend several hours at a time breathing directly on our sheets!

This post is in partnership with Bed Bath and Beyond.

Photos by Cibelle Levi.