Dear Resolutions, It’s Been Real

Dear New Years Resolutions. IT’S BEEN REAL. But, we’re breaking up now…

Let’s be honest — we spent the first week of 2016 aiming to look like Blake Lively, while dreaming big like #girlboss Jessica Alba, all while eating SO. MUCH. KALE.

And now… you just want a donut. We all want a freaking donut.


So, I thought we’d be real with each other and figure out how to actually make our New Years resolutions work, without any screaming matches or long-term breakups…

KEEP THEM EVERYWHERE | Keep your resolutions in multiple places — your phone, your computer, in a notebook, and on sticky notes at your desk so you’re constantly encouraged.

BREAK IT DOWN | Sure, you have BIG goals for 2016. But sometimes it’s really tough to envision something so significant on a day-to-day basis. Try starting with smaller monthly resolutions. This will give you the chance to check goals off more frequently.

TELL YOUR FRIENDS | Talk about your goals. MANIFEST them. Sprinkle them like confetti. You’ll feel more accountable to your dreams by sharing them with the world.

EAT A DONUT | Avoiding sugar for a year is only going to make you miserable to be around. Make smart food choices most of the time, and allow yourself to indulge guilt-free on occasion. Just don’t go overboard — choose between that donut OR a glass of wine [follow my nutritionist Kelly LeVeque].

TALK TO YOURSELF | Kickoff each morning with a self pep-talk. Tell yourself that you are capable of reaching your goals. No one should believe in you more than YOU.

Top Photo by Annie Shak