Mind Ready Monday: Sprinkling Sunshine

Today is worth celebrating.

Not because it’s a particularly special date. It’s not a holiday. Or a birthday. Or the day Beyonce drops a new album [sigh].

But it’s happening now, and you’re a part of it.

Celebrate with unnecessary laughter. Celebrate with a grateful heart. Celebrate with forgiveness and openness and kindness. With adventure and passion and hard work.

Sprinkle your life with sunshine, even on its darkest days.”


I know there are dark days. Maybe today is one of them.

Maybe you’re missing someone you love. Maybe your job is terrible. Maybe you feel uninspired and hopeless and victim to a world you’re not happy in.

But the most beautiful part about life is that it always gives us a reason to celebrate.

We are constantly surrounded by beauty if we’re willing to see it.

Blossoming trees. Music playing. Giggly toddlers. Crashing waves. 

Celebrate. Because today is yours.

Photos by Annie Shak