Small Dreams, Big Resolutions

Photo by Annie Shak

Every year, I create this obnoxiously long list of new years resolutions. I fear that if I fail to write it down, I’m not manifesting it.

But after 20+ years of creating a NYE wish list, I’ve learned this: we can achieve big dreams through accomplishing small ones.

None of us start successful. But we get there through beginning. To earn good grades, you’ve got to show up for class. To build a career, you’ve got to take a first job. To find a relationship, you’ve got to get out of the house.

Resolutions require risk. They require work. And they require room for errors.

Believe me, I have to remind myself of this day after day. Especially on the days I tear myself down for not being more than I am. For not having a bigger hosting gig or a bigger business.

But I’m improving. I’m beginning. And I’m reaching big dreams while working through small ones.

Remember that as you’re writing your resolutions this year… and tell me, what’s on your dreams list?