7 Years | Our Anniversary

Warm, uncomplicated, pure.
Never the same, but always safe.
Like a home I always want to live in.

This is love.

I wrote this poem for Jake a couple of months ago, as we celebrated seven years married. Seven years. Seems wild to me, because as we grow together, I understand more and more deeply what an incredible commitment we made to each other. The words above resonate most, because our relationship never feels the same, but indeed it always feels safe; always like home. What a gift that is.

Around this time, seven years ago, I started to casually write on this blog. I had no idea what my life would turn into — where my career would take me, when we’d start a family, where we’d be living. I’m so happy I never got too attached to a plan, because every year has surprised me. Usually in the most incredible ways, and sometimes in the toughest of ways. It’s been a beautiful journey so far, to grow and change alongside someone, and to love and feel loved. We have each changed our minds many times over again, switched careers, built businesses, spent time away from home to go after our dreams, and most significantly, we became parents. I think the biggest lesson in love I have learned in life so far is to allow ourselves and our partners to change. We should be different people every new year, than who we were the day we met, or married, or on our first anniversary. Allowing someone the space to evolve and shift is the greatest gift we can give to those we love — and the greatest gift we can give to ourselves.

For this year’s anniversary. we ordered fish + chips from our favorite Malibu seafood spot, parked on the coast, and ate in the back of the truck… by far the best wedding anniversary date we’ve had, and another silver lining of the times. No weekend away, or a fancy restaurant, or big gifts. Just us and the ocean…

Photos by Cibelle Levi.