7 Ways to MOTIVATE Your Workout

Finding motivation to work out can feel exhausting between #momlife and work life, BUT I always feel sooo much happier + healthier + all the things after a good sweat. Plus, it helps my migraines significantly, which pushes me to squeeze in something at least 3-4 days a week.

A few years ago, I focused on changing my mindset around working out. Rather than looking at it as an “I have to do,” I started to view it as an “I want to do.” Exercising is fuel for my mind, my body, and ultimately my mood — and when I remind myself of that, it feels like something I really look forward to. So, if you’re struggling to find some motivation, here are some things I do when I need a boost!

  1. 1. Find a Workout Buddy | For me, this is usually my husband or child (LOLL)… but whoever you love to workout with will motivate you and make you feel more excited to get into your routine.
    2. Do Something You LOVE |  Running is my me time, it keeps me sane. It’s the perfect break from everything. I also love yoga and stretching from home, so I do what I love. On the contrary, I have never really enjoyed spinning classes or large group workouts, and I found myself canceling those plans over and over again. The goal is to love what you’re doing, so be kind to yourself and allow some time and flexibility to determine what works for YOU and your body. It’s the not the same for all of us!
  2. 3. Get Some Workout Outfits that Make You Feel 100 | Maybe it sounds silly, but when you feel really good in something it makes you want to get going! I love a fun workout set, and leggings that I feel fit in. Some of my favorite brands are: Alo Yoga, Lululemon and Outdoor Voices.
  3. 4. Micro Challenges | Having big fitness goals is important, but I also challenge myself with micro goals. I’ll add an extra 5 minutes to my run or up the incline slightly every day. That way I don’t feel like I’m pushing myself too hard and in a few weeks I’ll be in a whole new place with my workout.
  4. 5. Use Apps | Apps are a great way to stay motivated. I have been LOVING the Nike Running App. It has guided runs and distance challenges that keep me challenged and excited. I know my friends are loving apps like BBG for workout routines as well!
  5. 6. Take Progress Pics | Change is subtle and happens over time, which can be discouraging when you’re pushing yourself every day. I like to take progress pics over time, that way I can look back at the previous month and I’m often blown away by the difference! Also, I don’t typically weigh myself (unless it’s health-related). If I feel good, that makes me know I’m making progress.
  6. 7. Change it up! | I think the monotony of doing the same workout routine every day can be discouraging and ineffective. Some days I work on yoga or weight lifting to change up my workout. Even a location change can be motivating! Whether I’m running on the beach or in my neighborhood, the variety makes me excited for every workout.

Top: Outdoor Voices | Leggings: Outdoor Voices

Photos by Cibelle Levi.