The Rotating Closet of Your Dreams | My List at Bloomingdale’s

Remember the days when you and your high school BFF’s would essentially share a closet? Think of that top that went around to the whole group because it was that good, or those pair of heels that everyone wore at least once to a school dance. I miss those days. It was like Marie Kondo-ing, circa 2003, ya know?!

Bloomingdale’s basically brought back my high school dreams with My List. Think of it as a rotating closet, but just between YOU. Here’s how the monthly subscription service works:

RENT | add clothing to your digital closet and Bloomingdale’s sends your picks (up to four at a time), and wear them as many times as you want.

RETURN | ship the items back (returns and dry cleaning are free), OR you can purchase anything you decide you can’t live without — you’ll receive a discount code.

REPEAT | do this again + again!

The cost per month is $149. CLICK ON THIS LINK for $75 off a two-month subscription

Here are a few looks pulled from my personal closet, and links to more of my favorites so you can get a better idea on how you can mix and match pieces!

Pants: Joe’s Jeans | Top: Equipment

(sunnies + boots are mine)

  1. 1. DL1961 Jeans
  2. 2. AQUA Sweater
  3. 3. French Connection Top
  4. 4. Bardot Romper
  5. 5. BLANKNYC Jacket
  6. 6. Joe’s Jeans
  7. 7. Joie Coat
  8. 8. BLANKNYC Pants

Denim: DL1961 | Tie-Dye Jacket: Sunset and Spring

(sunnies and boots are mine)

  1. Photos by Cibelle Levi