Strut Your Style

Photo by Annie Shak

We should all have a few pieces in our closet that make us feel sexy. Even if it’s just for ourselves.

Maybe it’s your favorite stilettos. Or your boyfriend’s tee. Or your ripped-up jeans.

A favorite of mine is this set by A.L.C. It hugs the curves I spent much of high school feeling embarrassed over. But with growth comes confidence, and with confidence comes sexiness.

Put on something this week that makes you feel sexy. Maybe it’s a fitted look like this (links are below). Or, maybe it’s a years-old sweatshirt and a pair of converse. Whatever it is, do it for you. Because you’re beautiful— and you can rock anything. Believe it.






Two-Piece Set: A.L.C. (look for LESS here) // Shoes: Christian Louboutin (similar look here) // Clutch: Elie Saab (similar looks here &  here)

Photos by Annie Shak