Oh, BABY, I’m bumping!

I have butterflies writing to you today. I feel all the feels… grateful, excited, scared, ready, prepared (and unprepared) all at once.

Jake and I are incredibly happy to share this little secret we’ve been keeping. Baby Ireland will be joining the squad in early April. I’m four months in, and our first-born (our pup, obvi), is still getting used to the idea of a HUMAN sharing his space. Hopefully he’ll stop rolling his eyes at me before the bebé arrives…

Ohhhhh boy, I feel like there’s a lot to share with you because we’ve been keeping this journey within our family for a bit. We first learned we were expecting in early August. It was an incredible wave of emotions. None of it felt real, yet it all felt so right.

I always dreamed of being a mother, but there was a part of me that wondered when I would feel ‘ready.’ I’ll tell you, though… when that stick popped up glaringly positive, I felt ready. Ready for the changes, the love, the emotions, the blessings. I remember opening the bathroom door and staring wide-eyed at Jake, with no words. He knew. We cried. Then we sat together — in silence — until our minds stopped wandering.

This is happening. I’m so excited to walk this new path alongside each of YOU: beautiful souls and supporters who have become such a giant part of my heart.

Thank you for your love.

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Photos by Annie Shak