Happiest of Holidays, Friends!

Happiest of holidays to each of you! I hope you indulged in a lot of hot cocoa and peppermint cookies. More importantly, though, I hope you spoiled yourself with some family time. That’s the best part. That— and perhaps the annual excuse to wake up in festive pajamas.

This marked my first Christmas as a wife. I’m sorry to admit I didn’t bake holiday cookies or stir up homemade eggnog. But I successfully blasted holiday music for a solid 48-hours leading up to the big day. Obviously, my husband prefers I sing over bake.

This also marked the first year we sent out a holiday card. We assumed our friends and family had seen enough wedding-inspired photos of us this year. So, we went for funny. A couple of midwest natives hanging ornaments on a palm tree.

Photo and design by Adam Falk & Erik Shute

Photo and design by Adam Falk & Erik Shute

I hope Santa treated you well this year. It turns out, the old man can’t give any of us the most important gifts— our health, our families, or another’s genuine love. I expected more of you, Santa! Which is why the holidays are a good excuse to savor life’s most valuable blessings, rather than festive gift wrap. The hype of the season often makes it difficult to have a mere moment of silence. But that silence is what reminds us to be reflective and grateful. Silence heals and encourages and calms us.

I’ve said before— there will be times in life when it seems the rest of the world is celebrating as you are struggling. I encourage you to celebrate anyway. Celebrate even the smallest victories and most humble hurdles. Because life is worth it. And you’re worth it.

Love to you all.  Check back in Monday, when I’ll post inspiration to achieving a kick-butt 2014.