I’m His Girl: Happy Father’s Day

Simone Photography

My dad used to make me Nutella sandwiches for breakfast. He told me the chocolatey-spread was healthy for my heart. Sorry, mom. He was right, though. My heart is still happy.

As a teenager, my dad used to let me play hooky from school. He told me the teachers would appreciate one less student to look after. Sorry, mom. He was right, though. Teachers do need a break.

In college, my dad showed up to my dorm with a TV as wide as the room. He told me the boys would appreciate it. Sorry, mom. He was right, though. I married a man who’s also married to SportsCenter.

My dad probably let me break the rules too often. [Thank God for mom.But he also spoiled me with attention, with happiness… and with trips to Disneyland.

In the months before my wedding, he’d get mad at anyone who asked about “giving his daughter away.” He still wanted to spoil me with chocolate for breakfast and theme parks on school days.

This, coming from a man who helped pick the ring, plan the proposal, and push for a ceremony at the house. He was happy… but he wasn’t ready. 

Maybe dads are never ready to give their daughters away. Maybe they want our bear hugs, belly laughs and bad days. Maybe they want the first dance, the happy twirls and the grumpy good mornings.

On our wedding day, my dad slowly walked me down the flower-filled aisle. He told me to look around, to look at God, and to look at him. I was his girl. 

That evening, he surprised me with a song he helped write for our father-daughter dance. His friend beautifully performed it, singing the words, “I’m giving you away. But I’m never letting go…”

Indeed, fathers never let go.

I’ll never let go either, dad. I hope you’ll keep making me Nutella sandwiches for breakfast.

Happy Father’s Day.