Succulents Made Easy

Photo by Meto Christo

I don’t have a green thumb. Or a green anything. Not to worry, though. The universe created succulents. Succulents are easy. Easy to plant, easy to arrange, easy to keep alive.

As with anything I share here, the ideas below are simple and easy to replicate. Here’s how…

1) PURCHASE a variety of succulents from your local flower mart or grocery store. I found mine for just $2-$5. You should also pick up small gardening rocks and/or stones.


2) PREPARE by selecting different vases. Get creative and look around your home for ideas. Some vases shown here used to be candles I cleaned out and reused.


3) PLANT by removing each succulent from its original holder and placing it within a vase. Fill open areas with rocks and/or pebbles. Don’t be afraid to place multiple succulents in a single holder.


4) PLACE your finished arrangements around your home and backyard. Allow your succulents to receive sunlight and be careful not to overwater them— especially if your pots/vases don’t have drainage holes. Head here for more helpful hints.