How to Create an Inspiring Work Space at Home

Photo by Meto Christo

Let’s face it— we all work from home. Even if your office is miles away, you’ve got emails, calls and demanding bosses who always find you midway through a glass of wine and an episode of Girls.

You need a work space. It might be your couch or your kitchen table. Mine changes daily. Regardless, here are some simple ways to “set the mood,” so your spot feels chic and productive.


CANDLE: A burning candle can turn dreadful work into dreamy brainstorm sessions. My favorite is this gold candle from Anthropologie. It’s decorative yet practical (and smells incredible).


MUNCHIES: Obviously, snacks are imperative. Keep them heathy— I like dried berries and pumpkin seeds. Other good options are nuts, plain popcorn or coconut crisps. Scope out decorative bowls here.


TEA: If working late, opt for hot tea rather than coffee. There’s a calmness and comfort about it. This gold mug was sold last year at Anthropologie, but you can still grab the black and white version here.


INSPIRATION: I keep a couple of inspiring books close by for when I’m feeling discouraged. My current favorites are Katie Couric’s book, and A Short Guide to a Happy life. Another idea: pull up a favorite quote on your computer and glance at it when feeling down.


PRETTY PENS: I have a beautiful Mont Blanc pen I often use. It was a graduation gift years ago. You don’t have to splurge, though. Check out these budget-friendly luxury pens from


NOTEBOOKS: Despite killer technology, it’s still really helpful to have notebooks nearby for quick thoughts or unexpected phone calls. I love this set from The Paper Source because the books are lined and super easy to take anywhere.


FLOWERS: If you’ve got any around your house— fresh, dried or succulents— move them close to you. It can lighten up a space and make you feel better about added work.