How to Arrange Flowers Like a Florist

Photo by Annie Shak

I’ve always had a [costly] love for flowers— to the extent a florist used to carry my house key.

Alas, it didn’t take long to learn those pretty arrangements were a pricey luxury. I’ve since learned how to turn store-bought flowers into pro-worthy bouquets. DIY-ing this will save you big money, so I wanted to share some quick tricks.

Let’s start with an arrangement of roses, because it’s one flower you can find year-round.


1. Line a circular vase with with ti leaves (or a green leaf alternative). Slice off the stem, so only the widest part of each leaf is used. Depending on the height of your vase, you may need two leaves.



2. Tightly fill your vase with roses. Cut each stem so the roses hit just above the top of the vase.


3. Take a small bundle of bear grass (or similar-looking alternative), and tie one end together using string or a rubber band. Tightly insert the bundle on one end of the arrangement.


4. Pull the grass to the other side of the arrangement…


5. … + tie it to a single rose stem so the bundle stays in place. You can choose to tuck the grass in, or leave it hanging (as pictured).


Don’t stress if some pieces don’t remain secured. Imperfections add a fun and modern element.

Note: Some stores may not individually sell ti leaves and/or bear grass. However, I’ve noticed a number of places sell those items (or something similar) as part of a flower bouquet. Remember, you can swap out roses for any flower you’re eyeing.


Photos by Annie Shak