DIY Lavender + Sea Salt Mask with Marianna

You’ve probably noticed my crazy love for DIY skincare — especially since learning I was pregnant! It can be really tough to find products that not only work, but are safe to use while growing this little human. I’m pretty sure I do more beauty routines in my kitchen now than actual cooking… (priorities)!

One of my besties, beauty guru Marianna Hewitt, is as obsessed with at-home skincare as I am. We had a girls day to make a new favorite mask, using lavender, coconut oil and pink himalayan salt. It does everything you need in one mask — from exfoliating, to hydrating, to nourishing the skin…

COMBINE | 1/2 C pink himalayan salt + 5 drops lavender oil + 1/4 C coconut oil

Lavender oil detoxifies + fights acne + smells calming | Coconut oil nourishes + hydrates + promotes dewy skin | Himalayan salt exfoliates dead cells and fights blemishes

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Photos by Annie Shak