Coffee Tables + Captured Memories

Photo by Annie Shak

I’ve always had a love for coffee tables. Maybe it’s because I can show off fresh flowers, scented candles and beautiful books all in one place.

The best books are those that hold onto captured memories. Remember the date night at home I blogged about pre-Valentine’s Day? I turned the pictures into a coffee table book, thanks to MyPublisher.  Now you can save major money on a photo book (+ win a free copy)!

That’s how much MyPublisher loves you. Think about your latest vacation, birthday or life extravaganza— and create a space to remind yourself of those memories over and over again.

Keep reading for how to receive your promo code + enter the giveaway…





Here’s the deal: ALL of you will receive a special offer from MyPublisher by CLICKING HERE. You’ll earn 25% off an order of $50+, and 50% off an order of $100+.

ONE of you will receive a FREE book (of up to $100) by entering our giveaway! Here’s how:

1) Leave a comment below on the memories you want beautifully printed.

2) Follow BOTH myself and MyPublisher on Instagram. Don’t have it? You should get it. But we’ll give ya a pass if you follow along with us on Pinterest by clicking here + here.

The giveaway ends this Saturday, February 28th. I’ll reach out to the winner shortly after!


Coasters: Geary’s (similar here) Candles: Aquiesse // Vase: Old purchase (similar find on Etsy) // Coffee Table Books: MyPublisher + Louis Vuitton/Marc Jacobs via Amazon

Photos by Annie Shak