Covid Relief Letters | Downloadable PDF’s for You

Hi online fam. I am sending you so much light and positivity during this time, and I truly hope you have noticed all kinds of silver linings during such a strange time. I have appreciated every bedtime story with Ev, every home dinner date with Jake, and every morning workout with each of you!  I wanted to provide something here, for those in your life who may be especially impacted…. Read more

What We’ll be Doing this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day is a special one. It will be just the two us, one last time, selfishly indulging in a cozy night in. This time next year, we’ll probably be celebrating over spit-up and sweet babbles from our little babe. How life changes… If I’m being honest, there’s a small part of me that’s afraid I’ll miss this time of just ‘us.’ We’ve celebrated so many Valentine’s Days together….. Read more

Resolutions Ritual: Get What You Want

Let’s be honest: resolutions don’t always turn into realities. My new year’s goals list can feel pretty ambitious come January 2nd… (who wants to actually start juicing kale the day after you’ve downed champagne)?! We could all use help. I worked alongside Energy Muse again on the power of incorporating crystals into an otherwise-repetitive routine. Set your 2017 intentions with clear quartz — the stone of manifestation. It’s believed quartz…. Read more

Spread Joy: Decorate a Sick Teen’s Hospital Room

My heart is bursting over today’s post. Do you remember when team You & Lu decorated a sick child’s hospital room last month? Now you get to see the magic of that day! I first introduced you to 11-year-old Morghen on Snapchat. She’s a bubbly middle-schooler who spent months at UCLA hospital for an ongoing illness. I worked alongside Wish Upon a Teen and Bloom2Bloom to decorate Morghen’s room. It…. Read more

Lu’s Favorites: Quotes to Live By

Some days [especially on the tough ones], we need a few inspiring words to remind us life is going to be okay. I’ve always kept meaningful quotes in my notebook (and phone!), to lift my mind and push me to do better. Words are incredibly powerful, and they impact our souls in a beautiful way. I wanted to share a handful of my favorites that I often reference. My hope…. Read more