New Year, New Favorites | Motherhood, Beauty & Wellness

Happy 2018! I always love to share some of my new favorites for the year. A lot of you have been asking for my recent go-to’s in mamahood, beauty and wellness — so here they are! You’ve probably spotted a lot of these favorites on my Instagram stories, because I generally use/wear the same pieces over and over again for months! Here’s what I’m loving right now in motherhood, beauty and wellness…. Read more

Baby’s First Christmas | Shop My Favorites

It’s my baby’s FIRST Christmas!! Cue all the sappy feels. Really though, why am I such an emotional wreck?? I started crying while shopping for Ev’s santa hat on Etsy. I have mom problems. Naturally, I needed to buy allll the firsts for my babe this year. The festive pajamas (like, 10 pairs), his stocking, a santa hat, a sweet ornament (customized for him!), and basically anything else I could…. Read more

My Mama Must-Haves | Traveling Baby

I get some serious panic feels while trying to leave the house with Ev somedays. Babies require SO. MUCH. STUFF. Do I have milk? Pacifiers? Backup pacifiers (god forbid I cannot find the paci). Chewing toys? Noise machine? The stroller?? OMG did I pack diapers??? And what about when he has a meltdown in the backseat?? Are you panicked yet?  A traveling baby requires us mamas to plan ahead and be super…. Read more

Sweet Dreams, Baby | How My Boy Sleeps Through the Night

Sleep is (quite literally) gold when you’re home with a new baby. I remember the early days with our Evan Grey, when I’d doze off while trying to merely brush my teeth. No amount of coffee can help a new mama stay awake. Thankfully, our little guy wound up being a stellar sleeper by about 8 weeks, and started to sleep through the night (from about 8:00 pm-6:30 am). It changed…. Read more

My Mama Must-Haves | The First Three Months

Okay, mamas… let’s chat all things that keep me sane. AKA, a list of my mom must-haves. Last week, I shared my baby favorites that I love for Evan. This time, I wanted to spill my mama secrets. Because when it’s 8am and you’re already covered in puke (and probably poop), you need a little pickmeup… or a giant glass of wine with breakfast. Here’s a list of some of the…. Read more