The Lyst: March Favorites

YAY! Something about March always promises warm weather and a renewed outlook. That promise is what inspired our monthly favorites. This adorable beach bag screams spring break [plus, I used it while in St. Barths]. Pair it with this striped number and you’ll look effortlessly beach-ready. As for beauty, I wanted to share this hair serum I use to repair my dry ends post-winter. PS. can we talk about how cute…. Read more

The Lyst: February Favorites

Prepare to swoon — our lyst of favorites is here! In celebration of VDay, everything catching our eye this month is sweet, sentimental, cozy and comfortable. A few things you’ll especially love? This pillow that’s hilariously perfect for a Tinder-love story… a heart-shaped coin case Coach will monogram for you… this blush heel that’s making me wish for springtime… and this lip and cheek stain that will make you GLOW!…. Read more

Gift Lyst: Valentine’s Day

Taken or single — Valentine’s Day is the sweetest time of the year. It’s meant for spoiling ALL the people you love, including YOURSELF! I’ve always loved receiving sweet notes from my closest friends, or a little surprise from my parents. Plus, it’s a pretty good excuse for a sugar. To this day, I still spoil my bests (and myself) with Valentine’s goodies. Here’s a special lyst of all my…. Read more

The Lyst: My Favorite Apps

I consider myself a creature of habit — especially when it comes to technology. I stick to what I know, and it usually takes a lot of convincing for me to join a new social network or to adopt a new way of organizing my work. Since my career relies almost entirely on technology now, I’m [trying] to be less stubborn. Outside of my main social apps [Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat],…. Read more

The Lyst: Bath Favorites

How unreal does a bubble bath sound right now? Especially to those of you in snowpocalypse. I took waaaaay too long to break in the bathtubs at my house, but I’m quickly making up for lost time. Mid-winter baths are a DREAM. Think bubbles, books and [usually] wine. The best, best, best. For those of you who like to indulge in so.much.goodness, I’ve rounded up my bath time favorites for…. Read more