Going for Gold | New Years Eve Style Inspiration

Every year I struggle over what I want to wear for New Years eve. A dress? A jumpsuit? A bomber jacket? Pajamas? I always want to wear pajamas.  Regardless, one style secret I typically gravitate toward for New Years eve is metallics. There’s something about dressing up in a hue of gold or silver that makes you feel festive. Best part is — it can quite literally be anything from…. Read more

This is What Fall Taught me about Motherhood

Fall reminds us change is beautiful. It’s nature’s way of proving the passing of time creates a new beginning — one that always seems to come too soon, yet is so remarkably needed. I needed that reminder this year. Time never feels more fleeting than it does as a new mother. Somehow my baby’s newness is beginning to feel more routine now, and he’s more of a boy than a newborn….. Read more

Strollers + Stilettos | NY Fashion Week Mama Style

Happy Monday! I’m back home in Cali-land this morning and reflecting back on my trip to the Big Apple for New York Fashion Week. This was little Evan Grey’s first trip to NYC and he made the whole experience so much HAPPIER. Perhaps the irony of it all is still sinking in — but prior to having my boy, NYFW felt a lot more rushed and stressful. I was attempting…. Read more

Shop My Look: Black One Piece Swim Suit

Am I in denial that summer is nearly over?? I think it should stay awhile longer… (because truly, I want more excuses to wear this black one piece)! SO MANY of you have asked about this suit. I bought it at the start of summertime, wanting something that I could wear comfortably while still nursing… (FYI, the girls kept growing to feed my boy, so a triangle top just wasn’t…. Read more

Summer Sneakers | Chic Tennies to Wear Now

Happy FriYAY! I’m writing to you from my Michigan hometown today, as I indulge in a little family time with my growing boy. Photos to come later… but for now, I wanted to talk all things sneakers. Because really, it’s basically all I wear now. Since having Evan, I’m nearly always in flats. Nine-inch stilettos just don’t work attempting to nurse a baby. So, sneakers it is — super CHIC…. Read more