DIY Pumpkins: Glitter, Gold + Glue

When it comes to decorating pumpkins over Halloween, I like to skip the scary jack-o-lanterns and go for something that feels a little chicer. Think glitter, gold + glue galore!! Sure, they’re a little feminine for my husband’s taste. But I’d like to think they’re a whole lot prettier than the athlete’s face he (attempted) to carve out last week… oy vey. Watch the video below for how to make…. Read more

DIY Fruit Vases

Ready for a DIY that’s both decorative + delish??? Try filling your fruits into flower-filled centerpieces for your summer parties! Such a simple yet chic idea. I worked with Lauren Conrad’s team to show you this summertime project. There’s nothing I love more than fresh blooms (except when they’re bursting from beautiful fruits)! Pineapples, melons + coconuts work best, but you can even get creative with smaller fruits to create…. Read more

DIY: Painted Coasters

Prepare to channel your inner-Picasso for this DIY project… … except, you don’t have to be all that talented to make these adorable coasters at home. I first spotted this project via Pinterest, and challenged myself to get artsy. No rules here — create whatever you want! Fruits are really simple, alongside geometric shapes and short phrases [like “YAY” or “CHEERS”]. Watch our video below for how to create these…. Read more

Chic Drinks: Fruit and Floral Ice Cubes

Dress up your drinks this summer with fruit and floral ice cubes! This DIY kitchen hack will make a plain-jane glass of water look ultra-CHIC! This is one of my favorite entertaining habits, because it’s so simple, yet surprisingly joyful. Guests are always more excited to sip from a glass with colorful ice cubes! You can pick flavors depending on what you’re serving — it goes well with water, lemonade,…. Read more

DIY Fourth of July Canvas Shoes

It’s about that time for my favorite summer holiday: THE FOURTH OF JULY! Bikinis, BBQs and beaches make my heart seriously giddy. To show off my American pride on the fourth, I always look for festive outfits to wear. But, since it’s a single day, it’s not always worth a big splurge. So why not DIY your look? We made festive sneakers to wear on the fourth. The shoes are…. Read more