Summer is HERE. Well, it is for our skin. Summer Fridays launched earlier this month and it’s been SURREAL to see the response from so many of you who are buying, using, sharing, and celebrating our very first product — the jet lag mask (available at and on Marianna and I could not be more grateful (or excited!!) I keep asking myself if this is real life??!! It’s been a whirlwind few weeks, and we LOVE seeing you indulge in a little self-care.

In case you’re playing catch-up, Summer Fridays is clean, effective skincare for the girl on-the-go. The jet lag mask was designed for those of you who hustle — it’s packed with good-for-you ingredients that give you super quick results — because your skin deserves it.

Marianna and I have been secretly working on this for nearly two years now (which is crazy!!) on everything from finalizing formulas, to naming our products, to designing that periwinkle eco-friendly tube that so many of you are falling in love with. It’s that Friday feeling for your skin — 24/7. M and I had tried every product you could think of, and we still didn’t feel like the perfect hydrating mask existed (we were even making our own masks in the kitchen here while brainstorming ideas for this line)!

This product was really born our of our hectic lifestyles (UMMM hello, #momlife), and we know so many of you are hustlinnnn after those mega dreams of yours. The jet lag mask is meant to help ease some of that lag — whether it’s from balancing two jobs, traveling the globe, or staying up with a baby all night.

FUN FACT: we formulated our jet lag mask while I was pregnant, so we had to use the cleanest ingredients. I needed my skincare to be safe for me and safe for baby, and that was always the standard we followed while formulating this mask. Ultimately, we wanted clean ingredients paired with real results. And trust me, the results are so good — like a giant glass of water for your stressed-out skin.

Watch our video below for some of the key ingredients that give you that GLOW, and our favorite ways to wear this mask…

CHESTNUT EXTRACT lightly exfoliates dull skin | VITAMIN C brightens your skin for that summertime glow all year long | VITAMIN B3 reduces fine lines and repairs uneven skin tone | GREEN TEA eases puffiness and inflammation | NO parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes + fragrances or animal byproducts

Follow @summerfridays on Instagram (because when you’re 24/7/365 it’s always acceptable to start the weekend early) OBVI!! You can shop the mask at Sephora (currently sold out!!) or on