Summer Fridays, Take Two | Meet Our Overtime Mask

In case you missed it, Marianna and I launched our second Summer Fridays product this month — our OVERTIME MASK! It’s a gentle exfoliating face mask that’s perfect for dull or congested skin. Plus, it smells like pumpkin, and feels like a pumpkin spice latte for your skin (AKA heaven)!

We spent about two years working on this formula (we actually formulated it around the same time we worked on our hydrating Jet Lag mask). As you know, Summer Fridays is a clean skincare brand, and our Overtime Mask also sticks to a very specific NO list when it comes to ingredients (no sulfates, no parabens, so synthetic dyes or fragrances, the list goes on). It’s why this product has Sephora’s clean seal of approval, just as Jet Lag does.

Why the name Overtime? Because your skin’s cells work overtime shedding and renewing themselves. But sometimes, like your desktop, your complexion can get a little cluttered. That’s where our Overtime mask comes in — it gently exfoliates your dead skin cells to get rid of that clutter. Vitamin-packed pumpkin + exfoliating apricot seed powder polish away that dead skin for a smoother, softer complexion.

A lot of exfoliating products are too rough, but our Overtime mask does not have any harsh abrasives that will scrape your skin. Plus soothing oat kernel proteins and antioxidants make this brightening mask the ultimate glow-getter.

PRO TIP: exfoliate your skin with our Overtime mask first, then immediately follow up with our Jet Lag mask for a mini facial at home (remember, Jet Lag mask does not need to be rinsed off)!

Fun fact: I was pregnant with Evan while formulating this mask, so that’s a big reason Marianna and I  had to stick to a really clean formula!

WHAT IS IT | a brightening face mask that gently exfoliates skin for a luminous effect 

WHAT’S IN IT | pumpkin (exfoliates + hydrates skin) + apricot seed powder (a natural and gentle way to exfoliate dead cells) + oat kernel protein (a moisturizing protein that leaves skin velvety-soft) + vitamin E (the best defense against collagen-damaging free radicals – this helps fight the aging process)

WHAT’S *NOT* IN IT | no parabens or sulfates, no synthetic dyes or fragrances, no silicones, no phthalates, no surfactants, no petrolatums, no BHT or BHA + vegan and cruelty free. 

WHERE TO BUY IT | Summer Fridays, Sephora (US + Canada), Cult Beauty international available in October, exact date TBD 

NOTE: Overtime mask will rollout to all Sephora stores over the month of September, it retails for $44 USD.

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