Pantene 14-Day Challenge | #MomLife Hair Saver

Thank you Pantene for partnering with me on this post.

Admit it: you once dreamed of being in a Pantene commercial (I cannot be the only one, right)?!  I’m talking slow-motion hair flips and perfectly-tousled ponytails that belonged on TV.

So you can imagine my genuine excitement when I had an opportunity to work alongside Pantene for their #Pantene 14 Day Challenge. I meannnn, maybe it wasn’t the television commercial of my teenage dreams, but it was a close second 😉 I also love how Pantene is so passionate about the safety of their products, putting every ingredient through rigorous tests and trials. Read more about their “Saftey First” initiative here. 

For context, I have naturally-wavy hair that’s been particularly dry recently — likely from all of the traveling I’ve been doing. Plus, my hair has never truly been the same since having Evan. It’s not typically smooth + strong, and my baby hairs are SO frizzy as parts of postpartum hair loss grow back in. Hence, why I was excited to dip into this hair challenge!

I used Pantene’s Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo + Conditioner and Detangling Spray over a two-week period. Typically I wash my hair every two-three days because, #momlife.

Halfway through the challenge I really started to notice a difference in the texture of my hair. It was significantly smoother and the frizziness had calmed down. It also became easier to wear my hair wavy because of this collection.

By day 14, my hair felt incredibly smooth (I’m talking like SILK). It was honestly a big transformation in how hydrated my hair felt overall, which then made day-to-day styling a lot easier. A great hair day has this crazy ability to put me in a good mood/make me feel like I actually have it all together (even when I usually don’t) LOL. You know the feeling — a great hair day = a more confident day all around… (annnnd maybe a few less mom buns) 😉 Walmart has a great deal on this moisturizing shampoo and condition, here. If you’re interested in the large conditioner pump, see here.