DIY Honey + Sugar Lip Scrub

Winter can be tough on our beauty routine. Dry hair, dead skin, chapped lips. Our bodies certainly deserve some extra pampering come January.

I teamed up with the Chalkboard Mag to share my favorite DIY lip scrub. Every ingredient comes straight from the kitchen, so it has been a super safe exfoliating option during my pregnancy. Plus, it’s always fun to make beauty products from home!

This scrub tastes pretty delicious, and it works to take off dead skin while leaving lips moisturized. We should all be kiss-ready by Valentine’s Day, after all…

Note: the mixture is a bit runny, so apply, scrub + rinse over your sink

Ingredients // 2 tbsp brown sugar | 1 tbsp coconut oil | 1 drop vanilla extract | half banana | 1 tbsp plain yogurt | 1 tsp honey | 1 tsp fresh lime juice

Blend 1 tbsp brown sugar + all other ingredients until smooth | Pour into a bowl | Stir in another tablespoon of brown sugar so the mixture remains grainy | Apply roughly a teaspoon over your lips and scrub for 30 seconds | Rinse with warm water + follow up with lip balm | Keep remaining mixture refrigerated and use within 3 days

Photos by Annie Shak