Crystalize Your Morning Routine

Ever want to add a little inspiration to your sluggish mornings? Sometimes, there just isn’t enough coffee in the world. BUT, there are ways to crystalize your morning routine.

The power of positivity is everything, so why not boost what we’re already doing with some good energy? Through chatting with the team over at Energy Muse, I learned there were a handful of simple, yet impactful ways to surround my schedule with more light!

I worked alongside The Chalkboard Mag on this post [where I shared how to do a crystal facial]! Below are more methods for infusing good energy into a typical morning…


INTENTIONAL YOGA | Place a clear quartz in your non-dominant hand while writing down your wellness intention. Think about what you want out of your day! Say your intention out loud. Place your quartz at the top of your yoga mat during the workout. Once finished, carry your crystal with you throughout the day. This allows your positive thoughts to follow you at all times, even when you’re not thinking about them!


CHARGED BEAUTY PLATE | Place a handful of daily beauty products on a rose quartz plate. This stone is the gem of love, beauty and comfort, which means you’ll be charging your products and infusing that energy into your own body. Consider mixing mineral makeup on your plate, or keep your brushes and other favorites on there.


BEAUTY WATER | Create and use your own beauty water as a stress reducing ritual. You can use aquamarine (a tranquility-restoring stone) or rose quartz (for healing, nourishment and comfort). Begin by cleansing your stones with warm, filtered water. Place the gems in a glass bowl, and cover them with filtered water. Set the bowl in direct sunlight beginning at sunrise. After sunset, use the water to cleanse your face for the evening, while reaffirming positive thoughts in your mind.




Other beautifying stones include… Shungite: detoxification and purification | Quartz: clarity and cleaning the skin | Tourmalinated Quartz: breaks up tension + energy blocks

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Photos by Annie Shak