Beauty Week: Beach Babe Waves

Photo by Annie Shak

I think California has turned me into an aspiring mermaid. The whole cali-beach-vibe is contagious, and I’ve come to love more boho pieces + beach babe hair.

Typically, I attempt to create loose waves myself. But when LA hairstylist Chris Dylan said he’d show me how to really get great waves, I insisted the tutorial be shared with you!

Continuing with our week of beauty, here’s how to get the best beach waves in seven simple steps…

LaurensLyst_BeachHair Before

LaurensLyst_BeachHair Step 1

Step 1: Prep damp hair with a light salt spray. We used this Beach Day Spray by Unite. 

LaurensLyst_BeachHair Step 2

LaurensLyst_BeachHair Collage1

Step 2: Dry your hair in sections using a round brush. Personally, I can never blow dry my hair as wonderfully as a stylist can do it. My arms get tired! Good news is — the blow dry end of this has little do to with getting the best beach waves — just get rid of the dampness and you can move on…

LaurensLyst_BeachHair Step3

Step 3: Using a flat iron, smooth out any frizzy hair framing your face/hairline.

LaurensLyst_BeachHair Step4

Step 4: Prep for the curling stage! Section out your hair in four parts, to make working with the back more simple + clean.

LaurensLyst_BeachHair Step5

LaurensLyst_BeachHair Collage2

Step 5: Begin curling! You can use a traditional iron or a wand. Start with the section at the nape of your neck, grabbing random sized amounts of hair to curl. Hold your iron downward, wrapping your hair around the barrel. Alternate between curling directions and leave the ends untouched. This will help you achieve a more relaxed, beachy vibe. Repeat, until you reach the front pieces framing your face…  

LaurensLyst_BeachHair Step6

Step 6: Once you’re styling the front few sections of your hair, it’s important to curl away from your face, while keeping the iron in a downward position. Again, leave the ends untouched for a relaxed look.

LaurensLyst_BeachHair Step7

Step 7: Flip your hair over + pretend your Gisele! Okay, but seriously… this is a big step for loosening out the curls. You want the look to feel undone, so work your hands through your hair a few times. You can also add volumizing powder or hairspray for additional body, but you may not need it.

LaurensLyst_BeachHair After

Voilà! You’re done. Now go somewhere fun with that fabulous hair…

Products: Unite Beach Day Texturizing Spray  // Unite Volumizing Powder 


Photos by Annie Shak