Beauty How-To: Crown Braid

What better way to make it feel like the weekend than with a glam set of braids?! I did this look for the first time at my sister’s birthday last month, and fell in love with it! It’s feminine and perfect for springtime.

I [sadly] don’t have the skillz to braid my own hair this well, so I teamed up with on-demand beauty service The Glam App to show you how to create a crown braid. Go somewhere celebratory with this look!

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Step 1 | Take a section of hair and split it into three even sections.

Step 2 | Take the piece on the right and have it go under the middle piece. Take the piece on the left and go under the middle piece. Follow this pattern to complete a reverse braid.



Step 3 | Take another section of hair (like a french braiding technique) and put it together with the right strand to add it to the braid — placing it under the middle section again.

Step 4 | Take another section on the left side and add it to the left section and go under the middle as well.

Step 5 | Take another section on the right side and continue to add pieces as you braid the hair toward the back of the head.


Step 6 | When the braid reaches behind the ear (it should be about 2 inches above the ear), stop adding pieces and simply continue to reverse braid the sections you already have. Once the braid is complete, secure with an elastic hair tie.

Step 7 | Follow the same instructions for the opposite side of your hair.


Step 8 | Secure the braids to your head with bobby pins and cross them at the back. Hide the ends under the braid and finish with hairspray!


Sweater: One [similar here and here] | Lip: NARS

Braids by The Glam App | Photos by Annie Shak