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I am a mother, a wife, a writer, and the co-founder of Summer Fridays.

From indulging in the joy (and exhaustion!) of being a first-time mom, to rediscovering wellness beliefs that keep me sane, to practicing a skincare routine that gives my #momlife a beauty boost, this space is meant for you and me to celebrate together.

We’re in this together. YOU keep reading. YOU keep celebrating. YOU keep returning for more. Hence, YOU & LU, a nickname my sweet niece created.

Wander around. Stay awhile.


My husband and I live in LA with our sweet boy and our feisty French bulldog. We met in college over a game of beer pong, a seemingly unromantic setting that led to our happily ever after. We’re here now, doing our best to raise a nice little human while balancing our sleep deprivation with countless cups of coffee and maybe a few glasses of wine. Ok, lots of wine.

A passion for clean beauty led myself and my co-founder Marianna Hewitt to launch our own baby - a clean beauty line called Summer Fridays. So, with a team of industry experts, we dreamed up our first product—a simple mask that would leave skin looking gorgeous whether you’re hopping off a plane or just running out the door. With more formulas in the works, we’re excited to give our communities a chance to take a little SUMMER FRIDAY time for themselves. FUN FACT: we formulated our products while I was pregnant, so we had to use the cleanest ingredients. I needed my skincare to be safe for me and safe for baby.

As I navigate what it means to be a new mother, while balancing my business and writing projects, I hope you feel like we’re in this together. I’ll continue to share my mama must-haves, alongside my imperfect attempt at keeping my body beautiful from the inside out through nap-friendly workouts and a clean skincare routine… I’d like to think I eat enough kale to cancel out the cupcakes. Somedays I feel like a super hero when I can manage to show up to meetings and finger paint with my baby on the same day. Other days I’m taking conference calls in a #momlife top knot and avocado stained sweat pants.
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You & Lu: Motherhood • Wellness • Beauty

You & Lu: Motherhood • Wellness • Beauty