7 Ways to MOTIVATE Your Workout

Finding motivation to work out can feel exhausting between #momlife and work life, BUT I always feel sooo much happier + healthier + all the things after a good sweat. Plus, it helps my migraines significantly, which pushes me to squeeze in something at least 3-4 days a week. A few years ago, I focused on changing my mindset around working out. Rather than looking at it as an “I…. Read more

Postpartum Workout Series | Body After Baby

I am now one year into motherhood — (how does time pass so quickly?!) — and finally back into my normal workout routine. My postpartum workout journey was truly that — a journey — that required a lot of patience on my part to allow my body to heal and recharge. I remember feeling really eager to jump back into workouts as soon as my doctor gave me the green light, but I quickly…. Read more

Work the Bump: My Pregnancy Workout Routine

Let’s work my BUMP! A lot of you have asked about my pregnancy workout routine. Truthfully, my workouts continue to change as my body changes. One week I’ll feel like superwoman, still able to comfortably run a few miles… and the next, I’m quite literally toppling over in an attempt to do a simple squat. Pregnancy is hard and unpredictable. I make adjustments according to how my body feels. I’ve…. Read more

Get Outdoors: Fall’s Best Workout

Fall’s crisp air is always the most welcoming surprise post-summertime. It pushes me to get outside and hit the reset button. My favorite workout this season? The stairs.  I especially love LA’s Culver City Stairs, because it’s where nature meets cityscapes. The land itself feels worlds away from Los Angeles, but you can see the city from the top. Even if you don’t live nearby, outdoor stairs workouts are everywhere. Consider…. Read more

Feel the Burn: Bands Workout

Ever feel too tired [or anti-social] for the gym? Me too. I’m always crushing on non-gym workouts I can do to mix up my routine. My new favorite? Resistance bands! You can lift that booty and work those biceps from anywhere: your office, your couch or your hotel room. Keep a band at work with you or pack one in your suitcase to push your boot-ay. My monthly writeup for The…. Read more

Sweat into Spring: No-Weights Workout

I’m pretty sure there are few things in life a workout and a green juice can’t solve. I teamed up with The Chalkboard Mag for an outdoor sweat session that KICKS BUTT. My trainer, Mike Alexander, worked alongside me to mix up our normal routine. Try combining short runs with plyometric exercises, pilates and even yoga. The unlikely combo builds lean muscle and is always welcoming for both my mind…. Read more

Sweat Together: Couples Workout

OH, the sweet things my husband is willing to do for love… [and for the sake of my Instagram]. Today is all about COUPLES workouts — featuring the hubby himself. In case you missed it, we worked alongside The Chalkboard Mag to show you how we sweat together. A good workout side-by-side gives us a renewed outlook on life. Don’t get me wrong, we really love to eat cupcakes and pizza…. Read more

Irresistible Workout: Resistance Bands

Come Mondays, I always need an extra boost to get back in my groove. Sometimes, coffee works. Other times, a solid sweat session makes me feel on top of the world again. I’m a huuuuge fan of resistance bands. My trainer got me hooked, and I use them for full-body workouts. For now — let’s talk ARMS! Typically, I focus on arms 1-2x a week. You can do the exercises from anywhere —…. Read more

How to Look Good Post-Workout

I love a hard workout — which means, I usually leave the gym a sweaty mess. You, too? The red-face-meets-wet-tee look is all good if I’m going straight home. But sometimes I want to be a responsible adult and run errands after the gym. Hence, why I’ve figured out a few tricks for looking good post-workout. Below are my favorite products that have a permanent place in my gym bag……. Read more

Water Workout: Paddle Board Like a Pro

If I told you I were a paddle boarding pro, I’d be lying… I used to think I was a pro [mostly because I had always paddled on calm waters, in Michigan + Maui]. So when I attempted the sport in Malibu for The Chalkboard Mag, I assumed it would be easy breezy. Enter the 5:30 am wakeup call. It’s choppy. Really choppy. The mood is ominous and I feel…. Read more

Amp Up Your Spring Workout

Springtime pushes me to get outdoors more often – the air feels new and the grass seems grateful for more company. Even a quick workout boosts my mood and mentality. My trainer, Mike Alexander, pulled me to the park a few weeks ago for our session. We teamed up with The Chalkboard Mag to share this full-body workout with you, because it doesn’t require any gym equipment! To increase intensity,…. Read more

A Core Workout You Can Do Together

Happy 2015! Per usual, I’m hoping to eat more kale and fewer cupcakes this year. As of January 5, I still like cupcakes more. But, I have 360 more days to get it right, and it starts today with a core workout alongside my hubby. We stick to our own fitness schedules, but we’re making it a goal to workout together once a week. Did you know it’s good for your health and…. Read more

A Turkey Day Workout from Home

Admit it. You’re already planning to go up for seconds at Thanksgiving dinner… #foodcoma. I’m guilty of it, too. I remedy my lack of self-discipline at the dinner table with regular workouts. Here’s a full body workout you can do from home. I worked with my trainer, Mike Alexander, on this. He’s super talented and even prepares celebrities for kick-butt roles. So I listen to anything he tells me. You’ll do one set of…. Read more

July 8

new workout in my favorite @fabletics set ☁️ this month the brand and I worked to create a series of wellness videos for you… here’s the first: abs + arms + butt series 💥   hip extensions • 15 each side kneeling crunches • 15 each side plank rotations • 30 seconds side plank crunches • 15 each side push-up hip extensions • 8 each side   do this circuit 3 x’s

May 28

cloudy cardio + bum workout ☁️ mixed my favorite toning exercises with a few from the @toneitup summer program… who else is doing it with us?! 💥 do three sets for a full circuit   1. low squat pulses • 30 seconds 2. squat jumps • 10 reps 3. plank extensions • 12 reps each side 4. side to side squats • 8 reps each side 5. squat challenge w a…. Read more

May 14

15-minute abs workout from home 🤩 do each exercise three times for a full circuit!   1. high plank rotations • 10 each side 2. ankle taps • 30 seconds 3. scissor kicks • 20 reps 4. high plank knee to opposite elbow • 10 each side 5. high plank knee to chest • 10 each side

May 11

arms workout 💪🏻 shared this one to stories last week, when I told you that ev was having a hard morning… he didn’t want to be away from me, he was feeling allll the feelings, wouldn’t give up his paci and didn’t want me to workout. so, we improvised. form isn’t as great as I’d want and I probably missed a few reps, but we did it. so a reminder…. Read more

Covid Relief Letters | Downloadable PDF’s for You

Hi online fam. I am sending you so much light and positivity during this time, and I truly hope you have noticed all kinds of silver linings during such a strange time. I have appreciated every bedtime story with Ev, every home dinner date with Jake, and every morning workout with each of you!  I wanted to provide something here, for those in your life who may be especially impacted…. Read more

May 4

a little golden hour movement 💫 sometimes i’ll do a small workout + stretching while winding down from the day, as we make dinner + play music + watch our wild man play. here, i did…   bridges • 25 reps 🧘🏻‍♀️   plank extensions • 12 reps each side   reach throughs • 12 reps each side

April 28

morning core workout   1. plank dips with leg lift | 15 reps each side   2. high plank crunches | 15 reps each side   3. side plank crunches | 12 reps each side   4. box crunches | 15 reps each side   5. plank w arm + leg extension | 12 reps each side   do each exercise x 3 for a full circuit

April 10

full body workout from home here’s the full circuit I did on @toneitup live last week so you can save it 💥 do each exercise x 3   run in place | 30 seconds side to side hops | 30 seconds side lunges | 12 each side   crunch taps | 30 seconds plank w hip extensions | 12 each side fire hydrants w booty band | 15 each side

April 7

three arms exercises from home 💪🏻 swipe to see each one, and sound on for when my toddler steals the mat because he needs “to do yoga right NOW…” 😂🧘🏻‍♀️ baby yogi instructor to come   1 • wall tricep extensions • 20 reps x 3 sets | note: keep elbows tucked and the further your feet are from the wall, the tougher the workout   2 • plank rotation…. Read more

April 6

i’ve always believed in the power of moving our bodies to change our brains, and it’s never proven more true than over the past few weeks 🙏🏼 it’s also been a new experience to move alongside you everyday with our mini workouts… would love to know what you want more of, less of, or what you like to see that’s most helpful during this unusual time. lmk 😊

March 18

because the family that squats together STAYS together 😂💥 thought it would be fun to do a workout with jake today for all you babes wanting something new to do while you’re huddled closely! so grab your house buddies and squattttt it out for a mood booster (ps. stay tuned for a toddler appearance midway through) 🙃 pss. mom + dad + baby are all in @apl sneaks! SQUATS CIRCUIT | do…. Read more

March 2

full body workout 👏🏻 a lot of you asked for this on igtv after I shared it to stories, here ya go! also, apologies to my child who nearly got knocked out by my butt 😂🤣   • squat w overhead press | 15 reps, 3 sets • squat jumps | 12 reps, 3 sets • mountain climbers 🏔 30 seconds, 3 sets • cardio | 2-minute sprint • kettle…. Read more

February 25

morning couch circuit 🧘🏻‍♀️ on days I don’t do a full workout, i’ll use my house and office as a gym, and create small ways to move my body with what’s around me! 😝 this one takes 10-minutes and gets me flowing even on my busy days! 1 | hip extensions • 12 each side • 3 sets 2 | plank hip dips • hold static plank position for 30-seconds,…. Read more

Mom and Dad in Cabo | Why We Traveled Solo

In case you missed our trip on Instagram 😉 we just got back from Cabo. The two of us. Just Jake and I. Without our tiniest wild angel babe… (cue the OMG’s). This marked our second-ever time away without Ev together. The first time we did a parents getaway was a year ago, to Hawaii. It was a whole lot more emotional for me then, but this trip I felt…. Read more

It’s a Lifestyle | Why I Don’t Diet, Cleanse, or Fast

By far, some of the most common messages I get from this beautiful community are centered around my health + workouts + food choices. I always want to respond with something meaningful and useful, but I struggle with keeping up with your notes. SO, I thought this post, (and this one and this one) would be helpful to have on hand. Also, know that I share workouts + wellness hacks…. Read more

Dear 2018 | My Best Year Ever

Dear 2018, You changed me. You made me laugh and you made me cry. You made me proud and you made me scared. You gave me superhero powers that I never knew I had. You also reminded me that even superheroes need to sleep sometimes. This was by far my most transformative year of my life, and it opened my eyes, my heart, and my mind to lenses I could…. Read more

Parenting Hack | Morning Coffee Dates

I used to think making time for date nights was easy breezy. Jake and I would set a day at the start of the week, commit, and schedule a sitter. Butttt, as Ev’s gotten a little bigger and as my work schedule has gotten increasingly unpredictable, scheduling date nights is a little tougher. Plus, on nights I’m extra sleepy, I want nothing more than wine on our couch Friends reruns. Our…. Read more

Pumpkin Patches + Family Costumes | Our Halloween Diary

Happy Halloween! I am so excited to take Ev trick-or-treating tonight. He’s too small to actually eat any candy, but I’m still taking him door-to-door just so I can hear that little voice say “twwwwwick-eh-tweeeet” a dozen times over. I MEAN. There is no better sound. This is Evan’s second Halloween, but he was too small to really enjoy it last year. He mostly cried and passed out early that…. Read more

Self-Care Sunday | My Secrets for a Happy Week

I live for the weekends (UM, hello giant glass of wine on a Friday night). But that also means I need to really pull myself together come Sunday, so I set the tone for a happy week. That’s why I prioritize my self-care Sunday — because it kickstarts productivity and allows me to hit the reset button. Ever since becoming a mama, I have learned that “scheduling” self-care never actually…. Read more

Food Diary | Everything I Eat in a Day

Between running after the baby, endless meetings and making time family and friends, my life is always go go go – just the way I like it! So many of you have been asking about my diet in between all those busy moments. I don’t follow a classic diet – I find them so restrictive! I am a lover of french fries, wine and all those things that are traditional…. Read more

Rest + Reset | Post-Holiday Wellness

Who else is in a post-holiday rosé coma?! But really… #momlife + the fourth resulted in a few too many glasses of my favorite drink. I partnered with Lolë to hit the reset button today with a long run along my favorite trail in LA. I’ve also been incorporating a lot more yoga into my wellness routine because carrying around Ev these days is FOR REAL! Sore muscles all.the.time. A lot of…. Read more

New Year, New Favorites | Motherhood, Beauty & Wellness

Happy 2018! I always love to share some of my new favorites for the year. A lot of you have been asking for my recent go-to’s in mamahood, beauty and wellness — so here they are! You’ve probably spotted a lot of these favorites on my Instagram stories, because I generally use/wear the same pieces over and over again for months! Here’s what I’m loving right now in motherhood, beauty and wellness…. Read more

Smoothies, Salmon + Chocolate | My Post-Pregnancy Nutrition Plan

HEY NEW MAMAS! The last word any mom wants to hear is diet. Seriously, it should be forever deleted from your vocabulary (even if you aren’t a mom). Motherhood is a mega transition, both emotionally and physically, and I think we’re all looking for natural ways to boost our milk supply. Post-pregnancy nutrition is something SO MANY of you have asked me about, so I teamed up with Lauren Conrad’s team…. Read more

Body After Baby | My Wellness Routine

Having a baby requires serious superhero status. Our bodies are INCREDIBLE in how they can stretch and grow and (eventually) morph back into a new normal. I am constantly in awe of how my body served as my baby’s first home. So many of you wrote me over the last several months to ask about my wellness routine post-baby. I am sorry this has taken WAY TOO LONG. My only…. Read more

Balancing Time | A Day at Home with my Boy

I am still adjusting to this new normal of motherhood. Mom guilt is a real thing, and I’m admittedly struggling at how to organize my day. I find myself trying to write emails while playing peekaboo with my boy while trying to squeeze in 20 squats next to his play mat (how else do I get my bum back in shape?!) My goal for the month is to better organize my…. Read more

Summer Sneakers | Chic Tennies to Wear Now

Happy FriYAY! I’m writing to you from my Michigan hometown today, as I indulge in a little family time with my growing boy. Photos to come later… but for now, I wanted to talk all things sneakers. Because really, it’s basically all I wear now. Since having Evan, I’m nearly always in flats. Nine-inch stilettos just don’t work attempting to nurse a baby. So, sneakers it is — super CHIC…. Read more

Pregnancy Roundup: My Journey to Motherhood

How are we here?! It’s still surreal to me that my pregnancy is nearing an end. In days (or weeks), my heart will grow to new lengths and my sanity will be stretched! My journey to motherhood will grow and evolve in ways I cannot prepare for. For now… I wait. The really special part about having this site is that it oftentimes serves as a life ‘diary’ of sorts. I…. Read more

Maternity Shoot: The Curves of Creating Life

I want to freeze this moment in time. To capture it, to keep it, to hold onto it. When else do you feel so joyfully unsure, so happily terrified, so euphorically unprepared? Officially nine months in, and I certainly feel the aches and pains of creating a life. My back hurts. Feet are swollen. Pressure is everywhere. And yet, I feel grateful. Pregnancy doesn’t always feel beautiful, but it’s about…. Read more

BUMPdate: Eight Months Pregnant

EIGHT months?! I say this every time, but really, how has this pregnancy flown so quickly? To be really honest, I’m (selfishly) already missing having this little babe to myself. The kicks, the aches… all the unknowns. I’ve fallen in love with even the discomforts. Being pregnant has proved to be both beautiful and terrifying; euphoric yet painful. Everything is beginning to feel a lot more real. We celebrated the baby…. Read more

Working the Bump: Pre-Natal Yoga

I tried pre-natal yoga for the first time last week, and let’s just say… I’m going to need a lot more sessions pre-due date. My attempt to stretch and move and BREATHE wasn’t stellar at seven months pregnant. Fortunately, I still have time to prep for the big day. Instructor Chelsea Rothert is a pregnancy pro. She patiently guided me through yoga positions I can do from home… (PS. these are…. Read more

BUMPdate: Seven Months Pregnant

SEVEN MONTHS! Holy moly, I’m not sure how that happened. I have been super fortunate to feel this good during pregnancy, and have genuinely loved the entire process of carrying this little human. My energy remains high, although sleep and workouts are becoming increasingly more difficult. This belly is growing! Jake ordered me one of those giant side pillows last week to help me sleep better. It’s literally the size of…. Read more

BUMPdate: Six Months Pregnant

Happy Monday, loves! Tomorrow marks my 24-week mark, which means this little babe is SIX months in the making. Pregnancy continues proving to be beautiful, emotional and miraculous. I feel all the feelings — the good, the bad and the ugly. But ultimately, it’s the kicks that make my entire being fill with crazy amounts of gratefulness. Here’s how things are changing, six months in… On my EMOTIONS… I continue…. Read more

BUMPdate: Five Months Pregnant

Today felt right for a BUMPdate! I haven’t written about my pregnancy since announcing it last month. It’s CRAZY how quickly my body (and little bambino) changes. I’m one week shy of five months, which is totally nuts. Overall, I feel really good and I’m pretty thrilled to be out of the nausea-stretch! Here’s a little on how my life is changing… With my EMOTIONS… I’m always a sentimental one…. Read more

Crystalize Your Morning Routine

Ever want to add a little inspiration to your sluggish mornings? Sometimes, there just isn’t enough coffee in the world. BUT, there are ways to crystalize your morning routine. The power of positivity is everything, so why not boost what we’re already doing with some good energy? Through chatting with the team over at Energy Muse, I learned there were a handful of simple, yet impactful ways to surround my schedule with…. Read more

Jumprope Your Jet Lag Away

FriYAY! I’m feeling energized and back on the right time zone after so much travel. I’m home for a couple of weeks before a busy September (hello, NYFW)! I’ve become a lot better about maintaining a healthy routine while traveling, between packing healthier snacks for the plane ride, and sticking to workouts that are easy to do on-the-go. One of my favorite fitness tricks for curing jet lag is a…. Read more

Bye Blues: 5 Pilates Moves for a Better Mood

Between work and wedding season, I’ve been to five states in two weeks. My brain is CRAY right now. But it’s nothing a little Pilates [and wine, obviously] can’t fix. In short, exercise creates increased circulation and blood flow, which ultimately wakes up the brain. So, on days you’re feeling super jet lagged or exhausted from life’s craziness, lean on this workout. You can do it from home, your hotel…. Read more

Wake Up: 5 Ways to Boost Your Morning Energy

Goooooood morning! It’s Monday and I know the struggle is REAL. So, let’s talk ways to boost your mood + energy every morning. I’ve posted about my morning routine before, but I have a few new habits that I wanted to share ahead of summertime. A lot of you have emailed asking for quick tricks to feel more energized. Here are five ways for feeling more awake in just 15…. Read more

Six Tricks for a Healthy Beach Day

I am a total beach bum. It’s the California in me. The sunshine seems to encourage lots of eating… and drinking… and more drinking [umm, hello margaritas]! But for the days you want to indulge in some YOU time — sans the boozy drinks and salty potato chips — try these six tricks from The Chalkboard Mag and I… MOVE | Kick off your time by the water with a brisk walk or…. Read more

DIY: Funfetti Cake Batter Truffles

It’s NATIONAL TRUFFLE DAY!!! Um, is there a better day than this?? Naturally, I needed to celebrate with a funfetti cake batter truffle recipe [DUH]! I’m not sure we can count this treat among our ‘healthy’ desserts, but it’s nothing a little kale and a few sit-ups can’t fix… [per usual]. Katie and I happily made these no-bake truffles a few weeks ago, alongside Inspired by This. Wander over to…. Read more

What I Eat in a Day

You asked — so here it is! A post on what I typically eat in a day. I’m a foodie and feeling hangry is not pretty. For me, eating and drinking is about family. I don’t ever want to take the joy out of food, because it brings everyone I love together. So, I say no to diets. Instead, I try hard at making my eating habits a lifestyle [thanks to…. Read more

How to Rock the Athleisure Trend

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about ‘athleisure.’ It’s a super trendy term that’s been even trendier on the runways. Basically, athleisure allows us to look fashionably chic while living in our workout clothes. SIGN ME UP, PLEASE. The trick is combining workout-like clothing with a few more tailored, everyday pieces. Think yoga pants with a denim button-down. Gray sweats with a spring trench. Adidas tennies with a cotton dress……. Read more

Breakfast in Bed, Please

Let’s get COZY! Who else dreams of breakfast in bed? The coffee, the croissants, the sweet smells of syrup — it all makes my heart happy [and my Instagram thrilled]. In my first few years following college, when I lived on my own in Missouri, I used to make myself breakfast in bed. It sounds silly, but on days off I’d indulge in waffles while binge-watching old episodes of Friends. It…. Read more

Work That Booty

Happy #WorkoutWednesday! Let’s talk booty’s today. I [embarrassingly] get a lot of questions on what I do to whip my bum into shape. Part of it is genetics [thanks, mama]. But as I get older, I’m quickly understanding the importance of weekly butt workouts. It doesn’t stay perky on its own, ya know what I’m sayin’?! Good news is, trainer Mike Alexander of LA’s MadFit gym knows a thing or…. Read more

Channel Your Inner Misty Copeland

Turns out, we can all be Misty Copeland. … If we’re willing to pretend our living room is the American Ballet. I teamed up with Beverly Hills’ Pure Barre studio and The Chalkboard Mag for how to bring ballet-like moves into our everyday workout.  Pure Barre combines stretches and small movements to build muscle. Since trying it for the first time, I’ve learned how to incorporate some of the moves…. Read more

Looking Back on 2015

Happy Monday! I hope you’re all feeling rested post-holiday. My family and I just arrived in St. Barths, where we’ll be spending New Years again. It’s beautiful! I spent the flight over looking back on 2015. Over the last year, this little oasis of mine became my full-time work. That meant bringing on Katie as a my content director, and creating a bigger space for you to find inspiration. The…. Read more

7 Ways to Reset Your Body

Still struggling from a turkey hangover? I ate enough potatoes + pie to make the pilgrims proud. SO, it’s time to detox. I worked alongside nutritionist Kelly LeVeque and aerial fitness guru Lindsey Duggan of LA’s AIR studio to bring you seven health tricks for hitting the reset button this week… …………………………………. 1. Water + Lemon | Warm lemon water each morning hydrates your body while purifying your liver. 2. Water +…. Read more

Our Dreams Deserve This

Happy Monday. Have you spiked your coffee yet? [I won’t tell your boss]. Spiked or not, Mondays can really drag if you’re feeling uninspired. I was having one of those Mondays a few weeks ago. Nothing felt particularly new, or motivating, or enlightening. I feared my routine was clouding my creativity; my norms were dragging my dreams. I think a lack of inspiration comes from a lack of time. I’ll…. Read more

Trek Up: Fall Hiking Essentials

There are two types of hikers in California: the very serious fitness buffs [who talk to no one], and the on-trend Instagrammers [who stop at every peak to snap a photo]. I’m probably more of the annoying Instagrammer than the serious fitness buff [sigh]. Regardless, all of those hiking trails have taught me how to prep for the trek. I teamed up with The Chalkboard Mag to spill my secrets…. Read more

Life as a Wife: Birthdays and Bromance

I’m still waking up from my weekend staycation in Newport Beach. I blame yesterday’s mimosas. Those mimosas were well deserved, though. The day before, I found myself walking a 9-mile golf course [alone], while my husband bromanced. Here’s the story: we venture to Newport Beach as a joint birthday treat. Jake has a 10am tee-time set for Saturday. The hubs thinks I’ll make an excellent caddie, so I skip the…. Read more

Box Your Way to a Stronger Mind + Body

I’m really trying to get back on a health kick following New York Fashion Week. I imagine pairing pinot grigio with my protein shakes isn’t helping [sigh]. So, let’s talk the workout models are loving — boxing!  PHYSICAL BENEFITS | Boxing is a full-body workout that reduces body fat. The moves are a good compliment to yoga and/or pilates, while simultaneously teaching you self-defense skills. MENTAL BENEFITS | This workout is known to be…. Read more

Cool Off With a Cookie Sandwich

Who’s ready for a sugar high?! Let’s talk cookie sandwiches. I know this sweet treat doesn’t belong on our health lyst, but I still believe in a celebratory dessert bar when you’re entertaining. This is something I’ve set up for my sweet nieces before, which leads to them saying “I love you, Lulu” over and over again. Pick up a handful of cookie flavors from the grocery store [or bake them…. Read more

The Lyst: Guilt-Free Snacks

I’m a snacker. A serious one. I’m the type who’s ready for a snack 15 minutes after dinner. Since I don’t have any immediate plans to fix this problem of mine, I’ve changed the snacks I’m reaching for. Healthy ones. As the lovely nutritionist Kelly Leveque taught me, protein and fat are gold in the world of eating healthy. Turns out, snacking isn’t all that bad, if you’re snacking on…. Read more

7 Reasons Mondays Don’t Suck

Sometimes, Mondays are rough. The early morning. The long workday. The realization freedom is a full five days away. Mondays can cause some serious blues. But you know what else Mondays can do? Caffeinate you. Detoxify you. Enlighten you. And make you feel like a normal, decent, purposeful human being who’s completely capable of being a responsible adult. Here are seven reasons Mondays don’t suck… 1. COFFEE. This is one day…. Read more

Turn Date Night into Couples Yoga

Here’s a hump day challenge for you: convince your significant other to turn date night into a couples yoga session… [you can place the blame me]. C’mon, guys. Take one for the team. It took a liiiittle convincing to get my Indiana-bred-non-yoga-husband to get zen with me. But now, I’d like to think he’s hooked. What started off as a silly date idea turned into something more mindful and challenging. It…. Read more

Trek Up: The Santa Monica Stairs

Taking the stairs is worth it. It will firm up that bum a lot faster than a fancy elevator ride. That’s what I tell myself when I’m trekking up 170 steps in Santa Monica alongside The Chalkboard Mag. The stairs are famous in LA, hosting everyone from workout buffs to want-to-be-seen celebs. You can squeeze in a good stair workout anywhere. Think of your local high school stadiums, your home, your workplace. It’s easy…. Read more

Whip Up This Healthy Walnut Butter

I’m the type who runs five miles and then adds a jar of peanut butter to my kale smoothie. I used to think kale canceled out all other calories. As it turns out, not even kale can make peanut butter calorie-free. The good news is — this walnut butter recipe blows peanut butter outta the jar. My friend and nutritionist Kelly Leveque of Be Well is LA’s queen of clean…. Read more

Travel Diary: Boards + Bliss in Maui

I had no plans of being in Maui right now. But when my 11-year-old brother pulled a sweet sales pitch on me Sunday night, I was sold. Who can say no to paradise + savvy siblings? So, my husband and I packed our beachside staples [along with our work], for a quick few days away. Maui is right where we’re meant to be. I even did a little happy dance on…. Read more

Life as a Wife: Steal Time Together

Timing is everything. Sometimes, it’s coincidental. Other times, it’s intentional. Let’s talk about the intentional kind of timing. The kind of time you create for your career, your relationships, your passions. Life pulls us in all sorts of directions — from meetings, to happy hours, to errands, to date nights — and it’s tough to balance everything. So I don’t. Instead, I’m learning to balance the imbalances. For Jake and I, our…. Read more

Winter Wake-Up Call: Cardio from Home

I’m spoiled living in LA. Our “winter” is a few gloomy days and maybe a rain storm. Still, something about the season weighs me down. Anyone with me? Let’s kick winter to the curb with an at-home cardio workout alongside The Chalkboard Mag. It will make you feel ready for spring [officially here the 20th]. There’s no equipment necessary – no weights, no bands, no scary-looking machines! Thank my trainer Mike Alexander for…. Read more

How to Achieve Your Best Bum

I’ve gone through a love/hate relationship with my bum. The love part happens when I attempt to break it down like Beyonce [obviously]. The hate part happens when I’m 20 lunges deep  [insert cuss words here]. I’m sharing one of my workouts so you can cuss alongside me. The smiles are meant to lure you in… … Looks fun, right? This is a circuit I’ve been doing with friend (+ celeb trainer/gym…. Read more

Spare Time Sweat: Work Your Rear

I appreciate anything that’s both positive and practical. We’ve all got a lot going on, and our health often suffers because of it. Sadly, wine can’t fix everything. So, I’m starting a new series on Lauren’s Lyst, called Spare Time Sweat. I’ll post monthly workouts [with help from a trainer] you can literally do in your spare time. The first video in the series is focused on the rear (because,…. Read more

Staycation 101

I love to travel. The sights, the food, the people… perhaps a mojito (or two) on the beach. Vacation is good for the soul. But, traveling is also time-consuming, costly and requires a lot of prep work. Flights, hotels, laundry, dog sitter, etc. etc. etc. Plus, we’re in full-blown wedding season right now— which means there are no vacation days to spare. This is why you need a staycation. There’s no…. Read more

No Excuse Exercises

Admit it— we all make excuses for things we don’t want to do. That includes grocery shopping, spring cleaning, working out… or some dreadful combination of it all. Typically, I blame time. There’s never enough of it! I know a lot of you have hectic schedules, so I wanted to share a 20-minute, at-home workout routine for when you’re feeling too busy (or lazy) to hit the gym. I teamed up…. Read more

Mind Ready Monday: Laughter Keeps You Sane

Mondays often call for a lot of coffee. Blame weekend fun. Blame your to-do list. Blame your obnoxiously perky coworker. The day can be downright rude, even if your job rocks. A little sanity goes a long way on Monday mornings. We need something— anything— to keep us from throwing computers out of high-rise buildings (a girl can dream, right?). Which brings me to the idea of Mind Ready Monday: a weekly write-up on what’s…. Read more

Go Ahead, Spike Your Coffee

Think of your morning routine. The blaring alarm clock. An urge to hide under the covers. A yawn so heavy you could collapse to the floor. Perhaps that cup of coffee will help. Spike it if you must. There are days when no amount of caffeine is enough to break those morning blues. I wish the universe would text, “today is canceled— go back to bed.” Not even Siri has ever…. Read more

Wake Up Your Senses This Week

My typical routine kicked off at precisely 6:23 this morning. That’s when the alarm always goes off. I had the same peanut butter toast for breakfast. The same cup of coffee. The same drive into work. Routine curbs the unexpected and makes us feel like we’re in control. Now think of your daily routine. Your wakeup time. Your daily commute. The people you see, the objects you touch, the recipes…. Read more

My Office Doesn’t Serve Mimosas

It’s Monday. Remember— it’s your “should-be-favorite day.” I’ll admit, there are some Mondays when I want to crawl back under the covers and wake up again to Saturday mimosas. Unfortunately, my office doesn’t serve champagne. So, I settle for coffee and a pep talk. Essentially, that pep talk consists of talking to myself in the car. It lasts a good 20 minutes— or more, depending on L.A. traffic. Other drivers think I’m…. Read more